Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Victoria Gaza Solidarity, Glenn Michalchuk July 17, 2024

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded July 17th, 2024

Impossibly, the genocide in Gaza grinds on; killing now for more than nine months, leaving scores of thousands dead, and many hundreds of thousands more wounded, made homeless, and facing the prospect of death themselves through privations created by Israel and its allies, including Canada.

Citizens in Victoria gathered at the seat of the provincial government Saturday for the fortieth week in a row to express their disgust and outrage at the ongoing crime of crimes being enacted before the eyes of World. Gorilla Radio too went down to bear witness with between 150 and 200 other stalwarts.

Victoria’s Gaza Solidarity demonstrated at the Legislative Buildings in the first half.

And; the Canadian political class support of the genocide in Palestine is reiterated in its active collusion in starting and sustaining the Ukrainian conflict, currently wiping out a generation. Prime Minister Trudeau recently bolstered further that support with promises of hundred of millions more Canadian dollars to ensure the fighting will continue for another year; and, at last month’s G7 meetings in Italy promised “$5 billion to [the] G7 Extraordinary Revenue Acceleration Loans for Ukraine” fund.

Meanwhile, inheritor of the 2014 coup Canada helped engineer, Volodymyr Zelenskyy has shuttered Ukraine’s political opposition parties, and nixed elections entirely; while too closing down all but regime-friendly media outlets, and criminalizing online critics.

Glenn Michalchuk is President of both Peace Alliance Winnipeg, and the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, or AUUC. He’s been active in the peace movement for forty years, going back to Reagan’s Dirty Wars in Latin America.

Glenn Michalchuk on how Canada effected Ukrainian democracy, and vice versa in the second half.

But first, marking Day #281 of the slaughter of innocents in Gaza.


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Ape Goes to Victoria Gaza Solidarity March and Rally Day #281 July 13, 2024

Week 38 of the live-streamed Neo-Holocaust against the people of Palestine.

Listen. Hear.

Men carry a casualty from a series of Israeli attacks in al-Mawasi, on July 13, 2024 AJE. [Hatem Khaled/Reuters]

Nearly 200 Victorians gathered at the grounds of the provincial Legislature Buildings, as they have done every week since mid-October, to express their collective dismay and disgust at the Israeli genocide and Canada’s complicity in it.