treesit with luke december 22, 2007

A few minutes at the Bear Mountain tree-sit with forest defender, Luke. The Langford mayor’s accusations of poaching wildlife in and around the forest were published in the local newspaper Friday. Does this mark the first shots in the effort to clear the environmentalists out?

Gorilla Radio Number One Xmas Special 2004

Gorilla Radio Number One Xmas Special 2004 – First and Finest

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Lexmas ’07 ,Ingmar Lee and J9 Dec. 17, 2007

LeXmas ’07 with Ingmar on the determined tree-sit versus the rapacious maw of Victoria developers, and Janine Bandcroft bringing us up to speed with local happenings.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Anthony Lappe, Bear Mnt. Demo, and J9 Dec. 10, 2007

This week on GR: Anthony Lappe and Shooting War, hanging at the tree-sit demo. in langford; J9 and more…

ape at the december bear mountain tree-sit demo

A day at the Bear Mountain Highway connector protest at Langford City Hall. Southern Vancouver Island is under intense development pressures. Property values are sky high and the usual grasp for lucre at all cost has become a stampede of building, forest eradication, and speculation, threatening what little wildlife, rural, and agricultural land remains. Citizen resistance is coming to a head, and the battle ground will be a small forested patch of woods in the path of a planned highway expansion. See for more, or search ‘Bear Mountain.’

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Joel Kovel, Dahr Jamail Dec. 3, 2007

This week on GR: activist, scholar, educator, and author of numerous articles, reviews, medical papers, and books, Joel Kovel on his latest book, ‘Overcoming Zionism;’ freelance journalist and author, Dahr Jamail and ‘Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq.’

Gorilla Radio with Stevie Cameron on Last Amigo Karlheinz Shreiber Apr. 23, 2001

Eds. note: Karlheinz Shreiber managed to stave off yet again extradition from Canada to his native Germany, the former arms trader and emissary for German industry, refused to testify explicitly today (Nov. 29, ’07) on matters of interest to the Parliamentary committee struck to hear his allegations of deals cut with the former sitting prime minister, Brian Mulroney before being let out of jail, and allowed to gather his pertinent materials. The state allowed he be held in house arrest pending the outcome of the growing scandal hearing. Shreiber, a Canadian citizen, has fought the extradition proceedings launched by Germany for his alleged involvement with political crimes committed in that country more than a decade ago.
Here’s how GR covered the initial press discovery of the connections between Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Shreiber back in 2001.

G-Radio #99 CFUV 102FM 104.3 Cable ‘’
Monday, April 23rd, 2001

5:00:00 2:00 Welcome to GR etc., Whether you call it Baksheesh, graft, payola, or the spoils of office, it all means the same thing: greasing the palms of government. And no-one knows the language of schmiergelder better than German cum Canadian lobbyist, Karlheinz Schreiber. Schrieber was at the centre of the financial scandal that chased venerable German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl out of office, but few in Canada are aware of the man who changed the face and future of Canadian politics. On today’s show, best-selling author, editor, and Canada’s foremost investigative reporter, Stevie Cameron. Ms. Cameron is currently on a book tour promoting her latest, “The Last Amigo: Karlheinz Shreiber and the Anatomy of Scandal”…

Gorilla Radio Xmas Special ’05

The Gorilla Radio Xmas show for 2005

GR with Chris Cook Jon Elmer, William Marsden and J9 – Nov. 26, 2007

This week on Gorilla Radio: Freelance photojournalist Jon Elmer on the prospects of the Annapolis peace talks; Canadian author and journalist William Marsden and ‘Stupid to the Last Drop,’ Alberta’s environmentally disastrous Tar Sands project; J9 brings us up to speed on Victoria goings-on this week.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Vandana Shiva – September 9, 2001

GR 01-10 – A snapshot of the world with Vandana Shiva, renown scientist and activist, recorded two days before THE supposed day that "changed everything."

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Dave Radies, Jim Harding, J9 Nov. 19, 2007

This week on GR: Dave Radies saving British Columbia’s Snow Forests; Jim Harding taking Canada’s nuclear skeletons out of the closet; Janine Bandcroft on good local goings-on.

What Is Torture?

“Give me Liberty or give me Death.” To put this famous saying attributed to Patrick Henry somewhat differently, we easily recognize that death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. Indeed, there seems a large class of worse circumstances, though we generally don’t categorize them or, perhaps more importantly, often lack adequate language to describe them. <i>Worse than death</i>: it’s a subtle difference that doesn’t lend itself to formulation in terms of rules. <br /><br />Perhaps that’s why, when we find such rules, we elevate them to preeminent positions in international law. Here, George Kenney talks with <a href=”″>Manfred Nowak</a>, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, to get a better sense of what the world is thinking, and doing, about a most peculiar abomination. And, no, the U.S. is not off the hook. It was extremely generous of Prof. Nowak to take time to talk with George Kenney. Please pay close attention and help redistribute widely. Total runtime an hour and eight minutes.

Chris Floyd on Antiwar Radio

Chris Floyd, author of Empire Burlesque, the blog and the book, discusses the new government of Gordon Brown in Great Britain, his position on war with Iran, the specious relationship between the US and UK and Saudis, the War Party’s bogus accusations about Iran’s nuclear program and sabotage of any effort to work things out, the win-win position of the neo-mercantilists in the event of war, depression, etc., the death of the republic, end of the empire, and rise of the domestic police state, the willful ignorance and acquiescence of the American people and the responsibility of those of us who care to keep fighting the State anyway.

Robert Jensen On "Getting Off: P—-y and the End of Masculity"

Robert Jensen’s new book begins with the simple demand of the culture: “Be a man.” It closes with a defiant response: “I chose to struggle to be a human being.” And in between, it offers a candid and intelligent exploration of porn’s devastating role in helping to define conventional masculinity. In other words: In our culture, porn makes the man. Writing in his trademark conversational style with a rigorous analysis, Robert Jensen easily blends personal anecdotes from his years of media experience.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Mary Alice Johnson, John Pilger, J9 – Nov. 12, 2007

Organic farmer and seed-saver, Mary Alice Johnson on our Gardens of Destiny; renowned journalist and filmmaker, John Pilger on The War on Democracy and more; Janine Bandcroft bringing us up to speed on local events in the south island in the coming week.