Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook – Connie Fogal – ad libs Feb. 5, 2007

Thank God for Jean Chretien! Six years into the disaster on wheels to south of us, the former democratic nation of the United States of America, Canadians should be lighting candles of thanks that the former prime minister, despite his myriad political failings, had the good sense to maintain a semblence of independence in Canada's foreign police by keeping the country out of the bloody conflagration in Iraq. Sadly, he sacrificed the continuous rotation of nearly three thousand Canadians to sustain the illegal occupation of Afghanistan, another disastrous project of George W. Bush's administration. Unbelievably though, the inheritors of the keys to Sussex Drive are eager to enjoin more closely Canada's ties to Empire America.

Clever Conservative Party leader, Stephen Harper, his own ascension to power in this country contingent on massive support by agents of the U.S. regime, and his own averred adherence to that regime's militarist philosophy, is determined to carry forward the long-dreamed, in some quarters, political and economic integration of the North American continent; hitching his poltical wagon, and your children's future, to the shooting star of a doomed empire.

Connie Fogal is the leader of the Canadian Action Party. CAP has been at the fore of the fight being waged by those Canadian citizens who believe Canada should remain independent of the elephant to the south, especially in matters of foreign military adventures. Connie Fogal on the conspiracies and less so of a North American Union in the first half.

And; they blazed into Washington riding a wave of voter revulsion of the incumbent government. Scandals of epic, unprecedented dimension are the hallmark of the Bush administration, and now, with majority control of both houses of Congress, the Democratic Party is in a position to initiate, impanel, and chair congressional committees to begin the long process of redress for a criminal conspiracy centred at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and so far responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands, and the pilfering of untold billions of dollars from the U.S. treasury. David Swanson is the Washington director of Democrats.com and ImpeachPAC.org, and co-founder of the groups, After Downing street.org and Meet with Cindy.org. David Swanson and an accounting of the 110th Congress of the United States of America in the second half.

And; Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with some of the good things you can get up to in and around Victoria in the coming week. But first, Connie Fogal and shining a light on the dark corners of the deep integration.

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Author: Chris Cook

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