Ape Goes to the La Esmerelda Protest Aug 1, 2011

Welcome to GR, etc. The word on the global street is: Canada is a planetary energy super power. As long as the tar digging continues in Alberta, and presumably spreads across the rest of the north, our exalted place in the pantheon of “super” nations will be secure. Well, isn’t that special? There’s just a couple problems with that little scenario Stephen Harper and his media messengers would have you believe: Firstly, the country ‘Canada,’ reigned over by the fictitious “New Government of Same,” in the service of the phony Queen of England, does not in reality exist. Canada is a corporate entity, created by the sons and daughters of pirates who usurped this land, and who were then themselves in turn usurped by foreign, pin-stripped pirates. This so-called country, and all the wealth lying beneath it, is exploited primarily for the benefit of distant others, absentee landlords you will never see promenading the streets of make-believe Canada. Second, and more importantly, the energy rendering this fictional Canada so super is not ecologically viable; that is, it cannot coexist with what we recognize as actual, non-fictional, life. So, what else can we still living here do to keep the lights burning, without committing ecocide?

This weekend, the Cowichan Biodiesel Co-op is hosting the Collective Biofuels 2011 Conference. It’s a gathering of biodiesel “moonshiners” dedicated to turning local food waste oils into a viable, environmentally benign energy source. The event features the premier of author Joshua Tickell’s new film, based on his seminal book, ‘From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank’.

Brian Roberts, the President of the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op and will join us with food for fuel and thought in the first half.

And; La Esmerelda, the Chilean navy’s tall ship, sailed into Victoria yesterday despite protests that its presence here is an affront to the unknown numbers of men and women taken aboard her during Augusto Pinochet’s rule of terror to be tortured and in some cases killed by his fascist thugs. The current government in Chile has never acknowledged properly the role La Esmerelda played in the vicious oppression of the Pinochet regime, nor has it apologized to the victims or their surviving family members. Today, down at Ogden Point, a group of Victorians determined they would not let the occasion of the visit go unobserved. Marking the Torture Ship’s stay in Victoria. And, Victorian activist Zac Braciszewicz was at the demo. Zac is a buddist practitioner on a hunger strike in protest because, as he put it;

“I got tired of the state of resource distribution, and how everything is organized into private profits. All we see are the same politicians making the same cuts to the same programs, and this isn’t just Victoria or Canada-wide — this is global.” Zac Braciszewicz too in the second half.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher and CFUV broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will join us at the bottom of the hour to bring us up to speed with what’s going on on the streets of our fair city and beyond. But first Jessy Bradish and putting a french fry in your tank.

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Author: Chris Cook

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