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These past dozen years in North America has witnessed a full-speed regression through the historic development of Western civilization, such as it is.

Beginning with the Bush claque’s pre-emptive assault on the very foundations of secular democracy through the undoing of the Great Charter, Magna Carta, cornerstone of the English Common Law, the dismantling of an economic system that allowed a “Middle Class” of citizens be created to better distribute the wealth of society, to the coup de grace – erasure of the concept of the separation of Church and State. We stand today, in 2013, perched atop a precipice, looking down into the abyss; peering into the face of a new Dark Age.

In Canada, the famously devout christian prime minister, Stephen Harper has missed no opportunity to pour scorn upon our quaint notions of representative democracy, denigrating the power of the People’s House as ably as any medieval theocrat at every opportunity.

While the recent stifling of the scribes, toiling soon one imagines in candlelit hovels, at Library and Archives Canada is outrageous it is merely another in a growing retinue of outrages committed by this government against our history, culture, and institutional underpinnings; all pointing to an antipathy to and intentional subversion of the nation.

But, Mr. Harper’s ‘New Government’ regime has greater ambitions than the mere disintegration of Canada; he and they would too annihilate Science itself.

Katie Gibbs holds a Doctorate in Biology from the U. of Ottawa, and last summer led the ‘Death of Evidence’ rally, a mock funeral and mass held in our nation’s capital to protest government cuts to research funding, the muzzling of public sector scientists, and the introduction of the profoundly anti-evidentiary, Bill C-38. Gibbs is now Executive Director of Evidence for Democracy, an organization advocating for the use of evidence in government decision-making on public policy, whose latest campaign Science Uncensored is taking action against policies barring public access to publicly-funded scientists and their findings.

Katie Gibbs in the first half.

And; one of the very first things the BC Liberals accomplished on coming to power in 2001 was an expansion of Grizzly Bear hunting for, mostly foreign, adventurers eager to prove their primitive mettle a sacred ritual of being hand-held and led to unsuspecting wildlife to enable their killing, from great distances, with high-powered rifles. The magnetic allure of the ancient art has so entranced successive BC Liberal leaders, both testicled and otherwise, that April Fools 2013 marks the continuity of this testosterone fed festival of death, officially known as the opening of the bear season.

Kiff Archer and Jason Moody live within the Great Bear Rainforest on the mid-coast of British Columbia, and are both with the newly formed, Central Coast Grizzly Patrol. They were here at the start of last Fall’s hunting season to talk about the beginning of the Coastal First Nations Coalition and its unilateral declaration of a ban on trophy hunting in the territories. The province of BC does not however recognize the authority of the First Nations, nor does it honour their demands for a ban on the hunt.

Kiff Archer and Jason Moody still standing tall in defense of the bears and other “trophy” targets of the Great Bear Rainforest in the second half.

And; Victoria Street Newz publisher and CFUV Radio broadcaster, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour to bring us newz from our city’s streets and beyond. But first, Katie Gibbs and removing the Harper muzzle on Canada’s public science and policy informants.

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Author: Chris Cook

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