Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Matt Peppe Jan. 16, 2016

President Obama delivered his final State of the Union Speech last week. It’s the first step in America’s transfer of power pageant, scheduled to culminate this time next year with the inauguration of Hillary Clinton, (or coronation of Donald Trump). Despite constitutional checks and balances, for most the Executive Branch symbolizes the entirety of the World’s most powerful country; and rightly or not, the individual occupying the Oval Office singly personfies that all-mighty nation. From Honest Abe Lincoln, to Tricky Dick Nixon, the President IS for a time We the People; but how much real power does a president have in the modern context, and can that person’s character exercise a moral authority potent enough to move America one way or the other?

Matt Peppe’s analyses of U.S. foreign policy and Latin America appear on his blog, Just the Facts, and across the internet at prominent news sites like: MintPress News, Counterpunch, Latino Rebels, Countercurrents, Global Research, Dissident Voice, and others. His recent update to the article, ‘Jimmy Carter’s Blood-Soaked Legacy’ takes on the elder statesman’s real role in a brutal period of American history, questioning both the notion of Carter as, or the practical possibility of, a “good” American president.

Matte Peppe and “Jimmy Carter, good president, or just another bad peanut?”

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Author: Chris Cook

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