Left Coast Events Bulletin with Janine Bandcroft February 15, 2018

Left Coast Events Bulletin with Janine Bandcroft February 15, 2018

This events bulletin is produced weekly for Gorilla Radio, airing Thursdays 11-noon and Saturdays 8-9 am from CFUV  (http://cfuv.uvic.ca) and Mondays 9-10 am from CJSF (http://cjsf.ca).  You can also listen to the podcasts at https://gorilla-radio.com.
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 Two Spirits, One Heart, One Mind, One Nation:

FREE Conference for Indigenous LGBTQIA2+ Youth ages 14-24

Thursday-Friday, Feb. 15-16

Victoria Native Friendship Centre (231 Regina Ave) Attendees must register
Please register ASAP by contacting Kim Rumley at VNFC kim.r@vnfc.ca or Debbi Boylan at debbi.b@vnfc.ca
Thursday Feb. 15
On Feb.15th, 2018, Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and women will meet for the 7th consecutive year to stand together to end violence against women and children.  As part of this day of action, thousands of men from across the province will also take part in the One Day Fast.  The One Day Fast is for men to refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.  This simple act of sacrifice is a way of showing empathy for women who endure violence in their lives and for fasters to demonstrate the strength of their commitment to end violence against Women and Children.
In addition to the event in Victoria, multiple regional events are taking place on February 15, 2018 as part of the Provincial Gathering and Day of Fasting.  Stay tuned for regional event details and schedules.
Everyone wishing to participate in the campaign on February 15 is asked to register.
Victoria – Central Event
In Victoria, the Provincial Gathering includes opening ceremony, keynote speakers and men’s and women’s healing circles. Join us for the march to the B.C. Legislature at lunchtime followed by a press conference and workshops in the afternoon. At sundown, a fast-breaking ceremony and community feast will take place. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the day’s events, free of charge. Join us at Victoria Conference Centre, 720 Douglas St., Victoria, BC.
REGISTER to attend the event using the links above.  Doors open at 8:30 am and the day’s events will run from 9 am to 5 pm. The Fast-breaking ceremony will take place from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
“We will continue to ask men to take positive and concrete steps forward in standing up and speaking out against violence towards women and children. By taking part in this one day fast you are showing your love and respect for the women in your life and supporting their right for peace and safety in their homes and communities.” Paul Lacerte, co-Founder –Moose Hide Campaign

Stolen Sisters Memorial March Victoria 2018

february 17th
On Saturday February 17th, 2018 please join us to remember and honour Indigenous women, girls, and 2spirit people who have gone missing and been murdered.

Let us walk together as a community to say Indigenous women’s, 2spirits’, and girls’ lives are sacred. Let us remember our teachings and honour those who have been taken from us.

We would like to acknowledge that this march takes place on unceded and traditional territories of the Lekwungen communities, Songhees and Esquimalt First Nations.

Proceedings of the March:

Gathering: 11am in front of Our Place, 919 Pandora Ave
The March will begin at 12pm with a prayer, territory acknowledgements and information for marchers (safety, respectful conduct etc).
Lead by Indigenous women, youth and 2spirit drummers, we will proceed down Pandora Ave to Government Street and then on to the Legislature lawn where we will gather to hear speakers, songs and share food.

The March’s organizing collective would like to remind marchers that this is a memorial and asks that conduct be in accordance with this intent. We also ask that:
-Indigenous women, girls and 2spirit drummers’ and singers’ place leading the March be respected.
-That there be no signs carried unless they are memorializing the missing and murdered by their families. Also no pamphleteering of any kind please.
-That there be no photography during the March without explicit and PRIOR permission of those photographed.


Calling all dog lovers in Victoria!

february 17th
On the Chinese calendar the YEAR OF THE DOG starts in February 2018. It’s a good time to celebrate companion canines and also to put a spotlight on the unfortunate dogs who are being experimented on in research labs around the world.

In Canada, as of 2016 there were 15,093 dogs in laboratories — at least, this is the number known to the Canadian Council on Animal Care, which oversees labs. This is an increase over the number in 2015. (A total of 4,308,921 animals were used in Canadian labs in 2016, of which the vast majority are fish, mice being next.)

Of these, 78,294 animals were listed as “Category E” subjects, meaning those “subjected to severe pain and extreme distress; highly-invasive new biomedical experiments; inflicted trauma or burns without anaesthetics; agonizing toxicity testing; and experimentally-induced infectious diseases that result in death.” It is not known how many dogs are Category E. Clearly no animal should be subjected to such cruelty.

Cruel tests endured by animals for the sake of cosmetics have been outlawed elsewhere in the world, and animal advocates are now mobilizing to ban animal testing for cosmetics in Canada. (www.animalcharter.ca)

Also of concern is that 8207 pet dogs were sent to laboratories across Canada in 2016 – though BC no longer compels the surrender of dogs in shelters to scientific institutions, there is the possibility that a dog rescued in BC may end up in a laboratory in Ontario or Quebec, or even here at home.

Please get back to orcamonth@gmail.com to let us know whether you can join us!
Barbara – 778 433 6722
CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION FOR LAB DOGS, Noon, Feb. 17th, Oak Bay Municipal Hall lawn. Contact: orcamonth@gmail.com or 778 433 6722.


Remembering Katy Madsen: A benefit for Sierra Club BC

february 17th
  • Saturday at 14:00–18:00
    4 days from now2-8°Rain Showers
  • 4239 Cedarglen Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 4N7, Canada
Founding member of Sierra Club BC Katy Madsen was a life-long artist of tremendous talent. Her iconic mid-century portraits and landscapes grace collections across the continent. Katy passed away in 2017 and her family has offered a selection of her paintings to be sold as a legacy of her support for Sierra Club BC.

We invite you to join us for an afternoon open house-style reception with wine and cheese. Paintings will be available on a first-come first-served basis, with a suggested minimum contribution to Sierra Club BC to carry forward Katy’s inspiring legacy of environmental protection. Donations in Katy’s memory are also welcome.

AHAVI Celebrates 2018
february 17th
It’s here again*** AHAVI brings you our annual event AHAVI Celebrates 2018! Dinner, Dance and other entertainment for the entire family!!!

For tickets contact Horacio @ 778 – 350 – 5404

Where: CDI College 950 Kings Rd
When: February 17, 2018
Who: Adults, kids and Students

Be there!!!! 🎊


Life Under Occupation

february 18th
After living for three months in Palestine while he served the United Church of Canada as an ecumenical accompanier, George Bartlett will tell stories of what he observed and learned. A retired lawyer George spent 3 months witnessing daily life, offering support and friendship to farmers, families and community leaders living under occupation.

Cube of Truth: Victoria: February 18th

  • 18 February at 14:00–15:30
    Next Week
  • Irish Times Pub

    1200 Government Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 1Y2
If you are interested in volunteering, join the following group:

Direct action street outreach and demonstration. We bring the information to the people in an attempt to break down unawareness and show the cruelty inherent in meat, dairy and egg production. All footage used shows the standard practices for animal-based food production in Canada.

IMPORTANT: Please bring a laptop or tablet if you have one. If you do not, please come along anyway; masks and signs will be provided on the day. Please wear black clothing where possible, though a black jumper is essential if the weather permits (preferably hooded). Please fully charge your laptop/tablet for the day.

IMPORTANT: Download VLC Player to your laptop or tablet. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

IMPORTANT: Download the following clips to your laptop or tablet from the link below as there will be no internet connection on site.


Black History and Heritage Day

february 18th
Presentation on local police and ethno-cultures by Michael Regis and classical piano playing by Dr. Carl Ivey. Drink tea by Maisha, and learn from displays, information and artifacts of historical societies about black history.

February Volunteer day at Rabbitats + Potluck

february 18th
  • Sunday at 10:00–14:00
    5 days from now-4-4°Sunny
  • Rabbitats

    c/o 13340 Smallwood Place, #104, Richmond, British Columbia
We are heading over to Rabbitats
As Rabbitats has a move coming up and we want to help out!
This is a rabbit shelter and a vegan organization housing around 90 mostly adoptable ( and adorable ) abandoned rabbits and their offspring. ( They have another 125 ferals at an outdoor sanctuary in South Surrey )

Please let us know if you need a ride!

Let us know how many are joining you if there are any as we need to know nuimbers

Bring a vegan dish enough to share for lunch

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a grassroots network of animal rights activists working to create a world where every animal is safe, happy and free. Through community building, open rescue, and disruptive protest, we are building a strong movement for animals.

This Safer Space Policy exists to facilitate an immediate response to any oppressive actions by attendees of our official events. Oppressive actions include:

• Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, species, size, class, ability, reproductive choice, sexuality, and gender identity.

• Promoting disrespect or violence towards nonhuman animals.

We strive to create a community that is safe and welcoming, and which prioritizes the needs of people who are typically marginalized by society. Please feel free to approach any organizer in confidence if someone at one of our events makes you feel unsafe. Whenever possible, we will confront people who violate the Safer Space Policy on your behalf. We prefer to resolve such issues through reconciliation, but as a last resort we reserve the right to ask attendees to leave our events.

Anyone who engages in the following behaviours WILL be told to leave our events:

• Physical, verbal, or mental abuse

• Sexual harassment, unwanted touching, or sexual aggression

• Intimidation or fear tactics

• Intentional violations of our Safer Space Policy

Anyone who engages in the following behaviours will LIKELY be warned and MAY be told to leave at the discretion of the members(s) present:

• Inappropriate comments and behaviours

• The use of violent or oppressive language, including slurs

• Blatantly disrespectful behaviour towards civilian (non-state representatives) organizers or individuals in attendance

• Causing a DxE member or event attendee discomfort or distress for any reason (including, but not limited to: violating our Safer Space Policy, violating their personal space, or ignoring an explicitly stated request for altered behaviour)

• Aggression/outbursts due to intoxication

If you have any questions or need clarification about our Safer Space Policy, please get in touch with us at vancouver@directactioneverywhere.com. This address may be accessed by all organizers. For confidential emails, please clearly indicate in the subject line which organizer(s) to whom you would prefer to address your concern; you may request organizers of a specific gender. If you need support in order to attend a DxE Vancouver event or have general safety concerns, send an e-mail to this address.

(NOTE: All DxE Vancouver events will be drug-and-alcohol-free due to safety concerns).

DxE events are social media intensive. Photos and videos are regularly taken at actions, open meetings, and other activities. If you do not consent to appear in photos and videos, please let our media personnel know at the beginning of events. We will also remind attendants of this policy at each event.

As settler animal rights/liberation activists uninvited to the traditional, ancestral, unceded and occupied territories of the Coast Salish First Nations and peoples, we acknowledge that we are unable to do animal advocacy work without using the resources from this land, and are often complicit in colonial systems that perpetuate violence against Indigenous Peoples. We must continue to learn and take responsibilities to help decolonize. On this day we target a colonial-capitalist corporation that exploits, dominates and oppresses nonhuman animals.


Clandestinos – Cuban Film & Cultural Night!

february 18th
  • Sunday at 17:30
    5 days from now
  • Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood House (800 E. Broadway, Vancouver)
Live Music & the Beautiful Cuban Film

Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood House
800 E. Broadway
Vancouver, Canada
* Event by Donation! *

The evening will feature refreshments, live music, and screening of the beautiful Cuban film: “Clandestinos.”

Clandestinos is a Classic Cuban film about the romance between two young revolutionaries in the urban underground – fighting against the U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista.


Court Support for Wild Salmon Warriors

  • 19 February at 12:30–16:00
    Next Week
  • Spirit Square aka Centennial Square ~ 1 Centennial Square Victoria BC
Please join us in a good way for a big rally to be held in support of Tsastiqualus and Shawna, longtime Indigenous activists battling foreign fish pharms that have invaded Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw and ‘Namgis traditional waters.

The pair were arrested and charged after blockading the entry to the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans in a powerful statement to draw attention to the sudden collapse of wild salmon stocks as a result of the dangerous and negligent practices of Atlantic fish pharming. The decimation of wild salmon is yet one more example of the continuing attack on Indigenous food security and resilience and the overall orchestrated genocide against First Nations communities.

They are currently occupying space next to Premier Horgan’s office in Langford in an ongoing act of solidarity with frontline Indigenous wild salmon warriors.

We will gather in Spirit Square and then march to the atrium of the Public Library and rally there for awhile, and then march down to the courthouse in solidarity for the 2 pm hearing. We encourage you to link arms with these courageous women and support them as these come face to face with these colonial oppressors.



A Cinecenta double bill of award-winning documentaries about African women making change – The Thinking Garden and Alive and Kicking: Soccer Grannies.
Tuesday Feb 20 @ 7 pm, Cinecenta UVic
The Thinking Garden: In the dying days of apartheid, three generations of women in a village in South Africa came together to create a community garden. They called it ‘the thinking garden,’ a place where women gather to think about how to make change. Twenty-five years later the garden is still going strong, providing opportunities for local people while helping to meet the challenges of climate change, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. Director: Christine Welsh
“Speaks to the essence and significance of Food Sovereign communities.” Bellise Omondi, Food Sovereignty Campaign, South Africa
“Magnificent and inspirational.” Anthropologist Julie Cruikshank
Soccer Grannies: Filmed in the heart of Limpopo, South Africa, Alive and Kicking follows a group of South African grandmothers as they lace up their soccer boots and break all taboos. Facing personal challenges of abuse and poverty, these women come together to play some serious soccer – while waging a singular struggle for a decent life.
“So much joy and resilience and insistence on life.” Andrea Swift, New York Film Academy
Best Doc, Taos Shortz Film Festival; Best Short Film Seattle International FF; Spirited Storytelling Prize, DOC NYC

Public Talk: Gender in the Round

Public Talk

Gender in the Round: Trans and Non-binary Reflections on Trans Hirstory in 99 Objects.

Legacy Downtown | 630 Yates St.

February 21, 2018 | 7pm | *free

Join gender diversity facilitator Kingsley Strudwick for an evening of audience engaged conversation with 4 guest speakers.

#MEADOW MARATHON competition throughout February

Nature Conservancy of Canada is running a Garry Oak Meadow Marathon during February at several sites in Greater Victoria and Duncan removing invasive plants and planting native species.
Participate in 3 events and your name will be entered to win PRIZES!!!
Please look at the website for where these events are and when:
Friends Of Uplands Park offers the No Ivy League events each Sunday from 1 to 3 pm.  Meet at the kiosks on Cattle Point near the ocean.


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