Left Coast Event Bulletin with Janine Bandcroft April 5th, 2018

Hey Trudeau! Kinder Morgan Has Got to Go!
April 5th

Thursday at 17:30–20:30
2 days from now · 8–9° Rain <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fweather.com%2Fredir%3Fpar%3Dfacebook_events%26page%3Dtenday%26locale%3Den-gb%26id%3D49.28%2C-123.12&h=ATMFoR9uUsB26gDYlxtn_f63FT5paCpPkw24W3xHv_z1RZnU2rPIi8BjZeXCKqB7OfPY2Jgs5Zusbp7-o3Nqhdxv5UX7Hxy3hTiBLWT_exwPHpjFeByAWd6HYrTbY18GXaNkO35zkj6Oyj3cz7pEuE0UWzFyPZRlNU6bu9QHaQ>
Vancouver Art Gallery <https://www.facebook.com/VancouverArtGallery/>
750 Hornby Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2H7

As nearly 200 people have been arrested on Burnaby Mountain taking bold action to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to Vancouver to try and raise money for his re-election.

Let me repeat that. Next week, Justin Trudeau is scheduled to be in Vancouver, raising money for his own re-election campaign at the same time as he’s trying to shove an unwanted pipeline through Vancouver, Burnaby and all of BC.

Not on our watch. That’s why on April 5th, we’re calling on everyone in these unceded Coast Salish territories to join us in showing the Prime Minister he is not welcome here — not while he is ramming a reckless tar sands pipeline through with no Indigenous consent.

We don’t have the money to get into Trudeau’s event [$1000/plate probably non-vegan dinner], but we do have people power, and we can show that no amount of dollars is going to help this Prime Minister come election day if he continues to ignore our climate commitments, disrespect Indigenous rights and put this coast in peril.

Here’s the plan.

We’re going meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 5th.

Then, we’ll march together to Trudeau’s fundraiser, where the Prime Minister hopes to fill his re-election coffers. With enough people outside, he’ll have to spend the whole night explaining to these supporters why he’s willing to risk a catastrophic oil spill in their backyards.


Peace Bond
April 6th

Friday at 12:00–14:00
3 days from now · 7–12° Rain Showers <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fweather.com%2Fredir%3Fpar%3Dfacebook_events%26page%3Dtenday%26locale%3Den-gb%26id%3D49.26%2C-123.17&h=ATMKPFpw6XlLb4A5s8VxMKqF6Fpxv8ugEIJLTP7CRaAi3EFT8KrZLIaOEv_lj5zKzW5vpudU6zSBYpXfDm4XjTH-rGcQZJ9fFptzsNbvmrprHYYkKNKtM8ks7xubdIFtiKAQzsuZZSx3T5gklTFq09rW_OtDma_xVSCTHa32Xg>
David Eby <https://www.facebook.com/dave.eby/>
2909 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia V6K2G6

We are gathering to remind BC’s Attorney General to honour Treaty 8, respect Indigenous law and to enforce the Crown’s duty to protect the Peace River Valley from settler colonial violence and treaty violations. As the Blueberry River First Nation court case on cumulative impacts begins on March 26, and the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations legal battle to seek an injunction to stop the Site C dam happens in July, we are holding BC accountable to walk its talk of reconciliation.

FightC is a non-partisan, non-violent grassroots community group committed to stopping the Site C dam in solidarity with the Treaty 8 First Nations. All who love and respect the Peace are welcome to join us.

We acknowledge that this free assembly takes place on the Unceded Territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh and Squamish Nations.


US/Canada Hands Off Venezuela! Vancouver Protest Action
April 6th
Friday at 16:00–19:00
3 days from now
US Consulate (1075 W. Pender St.) & Vancouver Art Gallery (Robson)
~ La versión en español sigue la versión en inglés ~


2 Events in Solidarity with Venezuela in Vancouver, Canada

1>>> PROTEST ACTION: U.S./Canada Hands Off Venezuela!
U.S. Consulate
1075 W. Pender St. at Thurlow St.
Downtown Vancouver

2>>> PETITION DRIVE & INFO DISPLAY: No More US/Canada Sanctions & Threats!
Respect the Self-Determination of Venezuelan People!
Vancouver Art Gallery
Robson St. at Howe St.
Downtown Vancouver

This event will take place on the traditional and unceded territories of the Tsleil-Waututh (səl̓ilwətaɁɬ), the Musqueam (xʷməθkʷəy̓əm), and the Squamish (Skwxwú7mesh) Coast Salish Nations.

After receiving 582 (out of 500 required) signatures from across Canada, a Parliamentary petition demanding that the government of Canada end its threats and sanctions against Venezuela has been certified for presentation to the House of Commons! Read the petition here: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1353 <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fpetitions.ourcommons.ca%2Fen%2FPetition%2FDetails%3FPetition%3De-1353&h=ATPYOxXZqx5n2JM_n502gCTZwn1RWnO8JhvTrcFjjCQc3Qc0u1f1AIEG70CfE6IZ4Fk6rvsU06WcdvOKrMcyeyVI986Lu4cfr5tlwGswokmURrIRETVNbp_x>

On March 19 U.S. President Trump issued an executive order increasing sanctions against Venezuela, “in light of recent actions taken by the Maduro regime to attempt to circumvent U.S. sanctions by issuing a digital currency.” Venezuela was already facing criminal sanctions from the United States, Canada, and the European Union. U.S. President Trump has also threatened Venezuela with military intervention, and former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson toured Latin America in February to drum up support for increasing U.S. intervention in Venezuela, all with the objective of forcing the overthrow of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

Now it is more important then ever before that we join together on the streets to demand an end to the threats, sanctions, and meddling by the U.S. government, the government of Canada and their allies. U.S./Canada Hands Off Venezuela!

>> View the event poster here: http://firethistime.net/posters/2018/180406-Venezuela-Actions.pdf <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ffirethistime.net%2Fposters%2F2018%2F180406-Venezuela-Actions.pdf&h=ATNvAYztpbeFcA0qUg5-2Z1hk-0r3YonnwsBTHVND8MHDUx8TF6lr-ZFx3w2zrmEyrW_XA-vW7GAuooxoEK6dHA0Hu1W__inUuCq2eiA7n9My7cxV_3SPNBE>



2 Eventos por Venezuela en Vancouver, Canadá

1>> ACCIÓN DE PROTESTA: ¡EE.UU. y Canadá Sacan Sus Manos de Venezuela!
Consulado de EE.UU. (U.S. Consulate)
1075 W. Pender St. at Thurlow St.
Downtown Vancouver, Canadá

2>> PETICIÓN Y MUESTRA DE INFORMACIÓN: ¡No más sanciones y amenazas de Estados Unidos / Canadá!
¡Respeta la autodeterminación de la gente venezolana!
Galería de Arte de Vancouver (Art Gallery)
Robson St. at Howe St.
Downtown Vancouver, Canadá

Después de recibir 582 (de 500 firmas requeridas) de todo Canadá, una petición parlamentaria que exige al gobierno de Canadá a terminar sus amenazas y sanciones contra Venezuela ha sido certificada para su presentación ante del parlamento de Canadá. Lea la petición aquí: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1353

El 19 de marzo, el presidente estadounidense Trump emitió una orden ejecutiva para aumentar las sanciones contra Venezuela, “a la luz de las recientes medidas adoptadas por el régimen de Maduro para intentar a eludir las sanciones de los Estados Unidos emitiendo una moneda digital”. Venezuela ya enfrentaba sanciones penales de los Estados Unidos, Canadá y la Unión Europea. El presidente estadounidense Trump también amenazó a Venezuela con la intervención militar, y el exsecretario de Estado Rex Tillerson realizó una gira por América Latina en febrero para obtener apoyo para aumentar la intervención estadounidense en Venezuela, todo con el objetivo de forzar el derrocamiento del presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

Ahora es más importante que nunca que nos unamos en las calles para exigir el fin de las amenazas, sanciones e intervenciónes del gobierno de EE.UU., El gobierno de Canadá y sus aliados. ¡EE.UU. y Canadá Sacan Sus Manos de Venezuela!

>> Vea el cartel del evento aquí: http://firethistime.net/posters/2018/180406-Venezuela-Actions.pdf

Organized by Fire This Time Movement for Social Justice (FTT)
– Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
Organizado por el Movimiento Fire This Time por la Justicia Social (FTT)
– Campaña de Solidaridad con Venezuela
Web: http://www.firethistime.net/ <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.firethistime.net%2F&h=ATNDtZZM3m684KMqpFO2jvOUWcpTe5_CxzFTDXUiuyBI5-rCTFV1O-3nVlzwMCwWAbWfM6a-wNHCW5HwD77LiuUmm-qaBmeZ3TOyBY1ctL3gtweoGz9dYaHH>
E-Mail: firethistimecanada@yandex.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/firethistimemovement <https://www.facebook.com/firethistimemovement>


Solidarity Vigil with Palestine – Denounce Land Day Massacre

Friday, April 6 at 4:30 PM – 6 PM
CBC Plaza, 700 Hamilton St., Vancouver <https://maps.google.com/?q=700+Hamilton+St.,+Vancouver&entry=gmail&source=g>
Facebook Event

On March 30, 2018, Israeli military forces callously killed 17 unarmed Palestinian protestors and injured hundreds more in Gaza. The protestors were part of the Great Return March as well as marking Land Day.

Canadian government officials have not uttered any word to condemn this massacre, let alone apply any sanctions. Canadian media, including the CBC, have tried to obscure Israel’s crimes by talking about “clashes” and “confrontations” and “rioting”. However, the Israeli military themselves admitted in a tweet that they later deleted: “everything was accurate and measured, and we know where every bullet landed.” Israeli media has shown multiple pictures of Israeli snipers lined up on earth embankments, ready to fire at civilians. Which they did, shooting people kneeling in prayer and shooting others in the back as they were moving away from the border.

We demand that Israel be held accountable for these continued crimes against the Palestinian people; it is only because of the lack of action and complicity from Western countries that Israel acts with such impunity!

List of endorsing organizations to be posted soon.

We acknowledge that this event takes places on the unceded territories of our indigenous brothers and sisters.


Direct Action Everywhere – Vancouver: “Post The Truth” demo
April 7th
Saturday at 15:00–16:30
4 days from now
City Centre Skytrain (Granville and W Georgia)
The theme for this action is, ‘Post the Truth’ – “Attention: Animals’ lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust no matter how it’s done.”

DxE is joining forces with Dani Rukin who is organizing this event!

Please arrive at 3:00pm We will start prep at 3:10 sharp.
Action will launch at approx 3:35.

ACTION PLAN : A couple activists will do very brief speak-outs about the atrocities of animal agriculture and the humane lie that allows the justification of animal exploitation to continue.

One of the activists will then “Post the Truth” – adhering a small paper sign to a surface with scotch tape.

A designated activist will lead us in some basic chants as we make our way out of the venue. We will likely not be inside for more than 5-10 minutes, max.

[If you are interested in doing a speak-out, let us know!! First-timers encouraged!]

We will provide the DxE signs and leaflets for outreach.

Even though we’re disrupting the status quo, DxE actions are non-violent in word, thought, and deed, with the purpose of calling others forth to their highest good.

This is a great chance to be a part of something super empowering and effective. ALL levels of experience or NO experience WELCOME and encouraged.

WHAT: This will be a non-violent disruption inside an establishment where animals are being bought and sold and eaten (i.e. like pretty much everywhere else).

WEAR: Whatever you want. Also note, we’re an above-ground organization so no covering of our faces during protests except for religious/cultural reasons.

ACCESSIBILITY: There will be minimal walking required for this action. If you have questions or need support to attend this event, please message us.

WHO: Everyone welcome! If you’re nervous about protesting, you can come observe or hold a sign quietly. All forms of participation are appreciated!

We will have a post – action debrief
please stay around!

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a grassroots network of animal rights activists. Through open rescue, demonstration, and disruption, we are creating a world where every animal is safe, happy and free.

DxE cultivates a welcoming and supportive community. We ask that all those who attend our events (online and offline) respect our Code of Conduct which can be reviewed at http://dxecodeofconduct.wikispaces.com/Code+of+Conduct <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fdxecodeofconduct.wikispaces.com%2FCode%2Bof%2BConduct&h=ATPwgi6QN_uBZFMKiYwKkq1arIAVp3kT6WKHfWMMJFBOvvtN8JyJsW9JW_QV6FdsEWXZcZBbzaZl00k6BCN_KePF60G8jGcPbf8tH4f2EqcGdItDg8mngxNe>


Invasive Removal on Cattle Point of Carpet Burweed and Bur Chervil

Sunday April 8 and 15
from 1 to 3 pm.
Meet near the kiosks at Cattle Point.

Please be on time because we will walk to the area being cleared of invasive plants at Cattle Point. Tools, gloves and instruction will be provided.


We invite all people who volunteer in the natural parks of South Vancouver Island and their families and friends and people that are interested, to a big party!

Sunday April 29 from 12 noon to 3 pm. Uplands Park grassy field at the Beach Drive entrance to Cattle Point

**Displays by Parks Canada, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Habitat Acquisition Trust, CRD Bowker Creek Initiative, Community Association of Oak Bay, Friends of Uplands Park, Greater Victoria Green Team and others

Rock Band: The Bald Eagles – dance on the grass!
Food and drinks
Activities for all ages
Wild Flower Walks with experts Wylie Thomas and Matt Fairbarns
and a LIVING MUSEUM – the natural beauty of the best example of the endangered Garry Oak Ecosystems with 25 rare plants.

FREE but Donations greatly appreciated

Organized by the Friends of Uplands Park and the Greater Victoria Green Team

** If your group would like to have a display, please contact me. You will need to provide your own table, chairs and tent if needed. Set-up is at 10am and when you arrive, parking on Beach Drive, you will be given a spot to set up your display. No selling, but donations can be requested.

Port-a-Potty at Cattle Pt. No water source.

Hope to see you!
Margaret Lidkea, Chair of FOUP and Amanda Evans, Manager of GVGT


Revolution of the Hopeless Ones: Rojava’s Cosmopolitan Appeal
9 April at 18:00–20:00
Next Week · 8–13° Rain Showers <https://weather.com/redir?par=facebook_events&page=tenday&locale=en-gb&id=49.28,-123.11>
Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University <https://www.facebook.com/SFUHumanitiesInstitute/>
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5K3
Location: room 7000, SFU Harbour Centre. Both the building and room are wheelchair accessible.


In a margin of the margins, a new revolutionary subject and space have been born. Just when all hope for an all-encompassing cosmopolitan revolution had seemed to fade away, the Rojava revolution emerged in the face of sweeping fanatic movements in the Middle East. It has defied not only the hegemony of neoliberal culturalism, but also the typical image of the Oriental Other in contrast to the 20th century European revolutionary subject. While continually fighting off invading fundamentalist forces since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, the Rojava movement has simultaneously created an innovative space of freedom and equality without precedent in its inclusiveness. Given the genocidal campaign the people of Rojava are facing and the international dismissal of their plight, the revolution may not last.

However, I argue that the world has a lot to learn from Rojava. If there is one place where intersectionality has been given a revolutionary force, it is there. The same women and men who fight aggressors to defend their democratic confederations systematically educate themselves on feminism, social ecology, and collectivist economics. Social hierarchy in all its complex forms is being subverted in Rojava, and this is indicative of the philosophical and political significance of this new revolutionary subject. I will explain the cosmopolitan appeal of the movement as well as its genuine responsiveness to forms of oppression against all marginalized groups. In that context, I will focus on the historical significance of this new revolutionary subject and the universalist, post-national, post-culturalist promise of the created revolutionary space.


Saladdin Ahmed is the O’Donnell Visiting Assistant Professor of Race & Ethnic Studies and Politics at Whitman College. His research centres on critical theory and post-nihilist philosophy, with a particular focus on social space and political movements. In his forthcoming book, Totalitarian Space and the Destruction of Aura (SUNY Press), he makes the case for a renewed critical philosophy of space, diagnosing contemporary social space as increasingly totalitarian and “auraless”. His recent academic work has been published in Theory in Action, Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory, and Critical Race and Whiteness Studies. Additionally, he has published political commentaries and opinion pieces in various media outlets, including openDemocracy, The Huffington Post (German Edition), Critical Legal Thinking, and CounterPunch.

ORCID Profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4636-8217 <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Forcid.org%2F0000-0003-4636-8217&h=ATOai8dCgFUHHCLs7WuuomzxA6ik0hgctFpYGppwk4IS-BX1L9UuWcRV6ZQJnIBMIz4RPWtU9ncyw9tNcOlGptU-CjUg9fsRsXTMGjnl-OS6B2Akw4qZOGxp>


Sponsored by SFU’s Institute for the Humanities.

This event will take place on the unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

Event is FREE and open to the public. If you would like to donate to the Institute to help fund future events like this one, please visit http://www.sfu.ca/humanities-institute/donate.html <http://www.sfu.ca/humanities-institute/donate.html>.

ASL requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior the event to insthum@sfu.ca.


Surrey and the Kinder Morgan Pipeline
10 April at 17:30–19:00
Next Week · 5–10° Rain <https://weather.com/redir?par=facebook_events&page=tenday&locale=en-gb&id=49.19,-122.85>
City Center Library <https://www.facebook.com/pages/City-Center-Library/475804932434707>
10350 University Drive, Surrey, British Columbia V3T 4B8
The PIPE UP Network has been organizing to stop the Kinder Morgan Pipeline expansion for years, including helping to get Kwantlen Polytechnic University to back out of a Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan.

This meeting is to bring together residents of Surrey to talk about how we want to organize in light of activities on Burnaby Mountain, the City of Surrey retracting their statement of opposition, and future initiatives.

All are welcome and our meetings are child friendly.


Capitalism, Hegemony, and the Meanings of Water
10 April at 18:00–20:00
Next Week · 7–10° Rain <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fweather.com%2Fredir%3Fpar%3Dfacebook_events%26page%3Dtenday%26locale%3Den-gb%26id%3D49.28%2C-123.11&h=ATN0LXNAG5knw0A6panIUf049FGllqDNnmx63c01cS-fqKKbqh28-Ne1pgvC1uZ1Krs-QFeTrMFG3oi_iEXpbPrpR7u3ICPpgSJd7ksKjDvsnh8YoZaXjeD8PB4ULuksB-V6mXczcPLCTBNeq7xpRUNt0Qgd-9hVWVqXAQsIaA>
Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University <https://www.facebook.com/SFUHumanitiesInstitute/>
515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5K3
Location: room 7000, SFU Harbour Centre. Both the building and room are wheelchair accessible.


As climate change takes a thermal sledgehammer to glaciers and icecaps, financial gurus trumpet that “water is the next oil.” Water appears prominently as an object of desire (the vacation by the sea; the waterfront condominium) and as a site of ominous and incontrovertible scarcity. It is a significant contemporary frontier for capital accumulation. It may also turn out to be a powerful medium for social transformation.

Could we make water into an antidote to capitalism? When we are talking about water, we are talking about the substance in and through which all planetary social life unfolds. It is essential not only for the functioning of ecosystems, households, and industrial processes but for individual and collective self-understandings, emotional well-being, and the architectures of imaginative worlds. As such, water serves as a key term in the exercise of hegemony. What might it look like to turn the potent meanings of water against capital? To bring shared waters into the foreground of social movements may be to recall the vital connections between peoples and species, between fragmented aspects of life, and between the living, the dead, and the unborn. Even as processes of capital accumulation systematically diminish and degrade the life-giving capacities of waters, a genuine and widespread recognition that we hold water in common may be profoundly destabilizing for existing structures of power.


Janine MacLeod is a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University. She is the co-editor (with Astrida Neimanis and Cecilia Chen) of Thinking with Water, a volume of artworks, poems and cultural theory published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2013. Her work has appeared in scholarly collections such as Petrocultures: Oil, Energy, Culture (2017) and Downstream: Reimagining Water (2016), as well as in publications like The Walrus magazine and The Vancouver Observer.


Sponsored by SFU’s Institute for the Humanities.

This event will take place on the unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh peoples.

Event is FREE and open to the public. If you would like to donate to the Institute to help fund future events like this one, please visit http://www.sfu.ca/humanities-institute/donate.html <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sfu.ca%2Fhumanities-institute%2Fdonate.html&h=ATOQMxOHGipyH3AUAO7G6LVmsTu0um6EOcPILDHnWVFNoTXHEeAuY2WSrbvvDs5r7M756PCNY8IhyIvwrNrk_8R2yBKEEO24z4zjHDJekQ3Ywy4LFWSCUTuR>.

ASL requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior the event to insthum@sfu.ca.


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