Gorilla Radio Flashbacks with Chris Cook, James Petras April 4th, 2005

The Bush administration is busily preparing yet another front in its War on Terra. Far from the sands of the middle-east, the Bushistas have set into motion their plan of conquest in Latin America. It’s no secret, U.S. interests have long wanted to see an end to Cuba; an operable alternative example to the neo-liberal economic paradigm currently dominating the world is intolerable to the chosen few inhabiting the thin upper-strata of that system. And, their great fear of a Caribbean domino-effect, where poor and oppressed majorities throughout the hemisphere look to Castro and ask, “Why can’t we have dignity and health care? Why can’t we keep more of the fruits of our labour? Why can’t we be free of death squads and gangster terror?” seems to be unfolding.

The survival of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, despite every CIA regime-change trick in the book, and his subsequent alliance-agreements with Fidel Castro have left only one option left for the New Conquistadors: War.

James Petras is a former Sociology professor who now advises the landless and jobless in Brazil and Argentina. He’s also a free-lance writer and editor, and co-authored the book, ‘Globalization Unmasked.’

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Author: Chris Cook

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