Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Joe Foy, Ken Stone August 30, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded August 30th, 2023

The rain’s return reminds Fall is coming to Vancouver Island. What remains as unchanged as the changing seasons here though is the continual rapaciousness of industry in the province and the serial iniquity emanating the capital city’s heart, the B.C. Legislature.

Whether Social Credit, New Democrat, Liberal, BCLiberal, NDP matters not a whit to mining, logging, and fishing interests, or changes by a millimeter the plans of the frackers and pipeline layers, suburban sprawl-makers and downtown condo in-fillers; they can always be assured, business will continue as usual.

Joe Foy is the Protected Areas Campaigner with the Wilderness Committee. An old-hand, Joe was employee #1 way back when the Committee were known as WC2 – or Western Canada Wilderness Committee – and forty some-odd years later there’s still so much work to be done.

Joe Foy in the first half.

And; as the eyes of the World are focused on Ukraine, and Hawaii, and Africa, and all the places people are harried by natural and manufactured disaster, Israel has been busy going about its project of making the lives of Palestinians impossible in Gaza, hardly survivable in the Occupied Territories, and a daily terror for its neighbour, Syria.

Just yesterday, Israel again sent missiles into Aleppo’s international airport, shutting down its last functional runway. Israel has bombed Syria throughout the Summer – and before – with neither sanction nor censure from Canada and its ‘rule of law’ defending allies.

Ken Stone is with the Syria Support Movement International and Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War. We talked last about the EU’s 7th Brussels Conference on the Future of Syria and the Region – an annual event held without Syrian participation – on the first day of Summer past.


Ken Stone and Syria’s long resistance to Empire in the second half.

But first, from felled ancient forests and the Spotted Owl’s imminent extirpation to the fracking pads and pipeline paths across the province, saving what remains with Joe Foy and the Wilderness Committee.

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