Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Ray McGinnis, Robert Freeman March 4th, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded March 1st and 4th, 2023.

Last month, Justice Paul Rouleau held his nose and blessed Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act to shut down the Ottawa Anti-Vaccine Mandate protest in 2022. This though none of the “tests” within the Act for doing so were met by the actions of ‘Freedom Convoy’.

And, though providing a post-imprimatur to the government’s actions, even Rouleau says the means used to punish Canadians exercising their “democratic rights” to express political opposition to government policy, (like freezing bank accounts of participants’ non-participating spouses) was “flawed”, he provides no legal remedies.

Ray McGinnis is an author and retired educator. He says he “became concerned” with the disconnect between mainstream media and alternative livestream coverage of the Freedom Convoy. He subsequently attended the Public Order Emergency Commission hearings for a week in Ottawa last November, and his article on the event and its aftermath, ‘Commission Reveals that Trudeau Government Lied About Nature of Truckers Protests in Ottawa Last February to Justify Invocation of Emergencies Act‘ is published at CovertAction Magazine.

Ray McGinnis in the first half.

And; much has been made of the first anniversary of Russia’s so-called “Special Operation” in Ukraine by the western press. Countless hours of television, and oceans of ink have been spilt to convince citizens in NATO nations of the righteousness of Kyiv’s cause – and more importantly – of “our” noble motives in supplying its army with billions of dollars and an incomprehensible amount of high-tech weaponry.

Robert Freeman is Founder and Executive Director of The Global Uplift Project. He’s a past educator, and author of ‘The Best One Hour History’ series of books covering history from ‘The Renaissance’ and ‘The Scientific Revolution’ to ‘The Protestant Reformation’, ‘French Revolution’ and great wars of the last century.

Robert’s recent article, published at CommonDreams.org, ‘Ukraine and the Tunnel at the End of the Light‘ is a hard-eyed assessment of both the disaster that is the Ukraine/Russia war, and the doomed political and economic dynamics behind the conflict.

Robert Freeman and shedding the rosy aura around Ukraine’s war prospects in the second half.

But first, Ray McGinnis and the Freedom Convoy’s hard-learnt lessons for Canadians.


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