Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Kevin Love, Ken Boon May 6, 2021

Welcome back to Gorilla Radio’s Home Edition, recorded May 3rd, 2021.

On March 29th CLAS kicked off what will be “a year-long celebration of 50 years of fighting for social justice. When the Community Legal Assistance Society began it was the first law office of its kind in B.C. All these years later, founding member, Mike Harcourt says of CLAS, “Probably hundreds of thousands of low-income tenants, people facing burdensome debt, people living with mental illness and other disabilities, those living with addiction, and other individuals battling bureaucracies or facing discrimination have benefited from our unique service.

Well the need is still there, and is now perhaps greater than ever.

Kevin Love is a lawyer in CLAS’ Community Law Program, working primarily in the areas of mental health, and workers’ rights. Kevin represents CLAS on a number of committees, including the Worksafe BC’s policy and practice consultative committee as well as serving as chair to the Workers’ Compensation Advocacy Group.

Kevin Love in the first half.

And; more reports about the Site C mega-dam project have come out since I last talked to today’s second guest. In fact, since I started talking to him more than six years ago, millions have been spent on reports and studies and surveys and province-wide dog and pony shows, and no matter what the results of any of these are the Great White Elephant thunders on. It seems not even bare-faced reality stands a chance of getting in the way of a monumentally bad idea, as long as the people behind it are determined to abide in dream land.

Ken Boon is a Peace Valley farmer and president of the Peace Valley Landowners Association. Ken and his family have laboured to make real the tommyrot at the heart of the Site C project from the very beginning, and now some of their worst fears are becoming apparent even to the dullest minds of a generation down at the Legislature. And yet, the project goes on.

Ken Boon and politician saying the damnedest things about the Site-C project to nowhere in the second half.

But first, Kevin Love and celebrating 50 years with CLAS.

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