Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Tom Secker, David Rovics January 7, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded January 7th, 2023.

It’s been almost thirty-one years since UNPROFOR, the UN Protection Forces’ mission to the Former Yugoslavia. Canada’s military, then famed for peacekeeping, played a role in standing between the warring parties in hopes of a brokered truce. That mission failed, but not for the reasons believed then. In fact, according to records recently declassified, little about the conflict that led to the destruction of thousands of lives and ultimately redrew the political map of the Balkans occurred either why or how we were told.

Tom Secker is a UK-based private researcher, journalist, and frequently featured commentator on security and intelligence issues. He’s the host of the podcast, ClandesTime, principal behind Spyculture.com, “the world’s premier online archive about government involvement in the entertainment industry”, and author, with Matthew Alford, of the book, ‘National Security Cinema: The Shocking New Evidence of Government Control in Hollywood’. Tom recently collaborated with Kit Klarenberg of the Grayzone on the article, ‘Declassified Intelligence Files Expose Inconvenient Truths of Bosnian War‘.

Tom Secker in the first half.

And, though it may be difficult to imagine now, back in the day people came out en masse to give voice to the notion of a World without war. They marched and sang, colourfully costumed and carrying clever signs, while massive puppets, designed to attract the attention of a media more normalized to war footage, danced along the boulevards and in the High Street. They were then called “The Left”, now they’re simply known as departed.

David Rovics’ frequent essays on political issues and societal observation are featured at CounterPunch and Dissident Voice.org among other places. He’s a broadcaster, musician, blogger, and author of the novel, ‘A Busker’s Adventures’. His weekly program, This Week with David Rovics can be found through his website, DavidRovics.com – and on Substack – where you can read his essays, listen to his hundreds of original songs, and catch some of his hundreds of interviews. His recent article, ‘An Autopsy on the US Left’ verifies what many of us have known but may not have admitted, the fact that “that parrot is dead!”

David Rovics and ‘An Autopsy on the US Left in the second half.

But first, Tom Secker and “CIA black ops, illegal weapon shipments, imported jihadist fighters, potential false flags, and stage-managed atrocities” revealed in Canada’s declassified Yugoslavia cables.

Song: At the End of World War III

Artist: Chet Gardiner

David sez: “If you’ve never heard of a musician named Chet Gardiner, here’s a fine introduction. This is his solo acoustic version of a song I wrote a few months ago, which he recorded at his home studio in Hawaii.

“Both the bassy resonance of Chet’s voice and his delivery reminds me very much of the last recordings Johnny Cash made, which I think were brilliant. Chet’s fingerstyle DADGAD guitar playing is so evocative as well.”


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