Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Yves Engler November 19th, 2022

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded November 19, 2022

This past week, Justin Trudeau broadcast on social media a conciliatory call he and British counterpart, prime minister Rishi Sunak made to Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy regarding that infamous missile strike in Poland.

The call, made public in the most recklessly manner, proves again the current leadership in the West care little for either the sober conduct of governance or subtly international diplomacy demands.

Yves Engler is a Montréal-based activist and author who has published 12 books, mostly on Canadian foreign policy, including his latest ‘Stand on Guard For Whom? A People’s History of the Canadian Military‘. Yves is coming our way; November 26th in Nanaimo, the 28th in Victoria, and November 29th in Duncan. He’ll also be on the mainland November 30th in Powell River, and December 1st in Vancouver.

Yves Engler and handsome prime minister Justin’s ugly Canadian foreign policy.

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