Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Stavroula Pabst, T.J. Coles October 11, 2023

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There is perhaps no greater symbol of the vagaries of empire than Granada’s Alhambra. The fabulous palace, product of the thirteenth century Nasrid Dynasty, last bastion of the Moors on the Iberian Peninsula, and home to Emperor Carlos the Fifth before its abandonment in the eighteenth century during the French occupation of Spain, played host last week to The Third Summit of the European Political Community.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s brainchild is meant to be a, “platform for political coordination among European countries across the continent… to promote political dialogue and cooperation… to strengthen […] security, stability, and prosperity“.

Though the third iteration of the EPC was dismissed in the press as a failure on multiple fronts, the summit did provide a further chance for the would-be Technocrat Emperors of a New Europe to cement plans for the digital transition of the continent, something they have made a “key goal“.

Stavroula Pabst is a writer, comedian, and PhD student in Communications and Mass Media Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her writing appears online at The Grayzone, Reductress, the Harvard Business Review, and Unlimited Hangout. Stavroula’s work is also featured at Substack, where she’s just launched the TechXGeopolitics Newsletter, and it’s where I found her latest article, ‘EU Digital Identity Wallet Pilots Roll Out Under the Radar‘.

Stavroula Pabst in the first half.

And; as the leaders of Western civilization cheer the obliteration of the captive population of Gaza, no one need be reminded we live in dark and dangerous times. But even the most jaded are ill-prepared for the revelations of the abysmal depth and gaping width of depravity afforded through the aegis of the Covid-19 response.

T. J. Coles is director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research and the author of numerous books, including: ‘The War on You’, Manufacturing Terrorism’, ‘Capitalism and Coronavirus: How Institutionalized Greed Turned a Crisis into a Catastrophe ‘, ‘Biofascism: The Tech-Pharma Complex and the End of Democracy’, and many others. His latest is, ‘The Pfizer Papers: The Secret Documents Exposing Big Pharma’s COVID Vaccine Crimes‘, an investigation into what is certainly the greatest crime of this young century, and perhaps the greatest in history.

T.J. Coles and going through the Pfizer Papers in the second half.

But first, Stavroula Pabst and the digital architecture of dystopia being built right before your eyes.

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