Gorilla Radio Flashbacks with Chris Cook, Harry Rankin May 15th, 2001

The most interesting facet of the gem that is B.C.’s looming election is the fate of the left. With the long awaited pendulum swing away from neo-liberalism, if the paid pollsters are to be believed, at least four years away for British Columbia, the NDP and Greens fighting over the official opposition bone, the poor lefty is left to decide whether to vote with conviction, or sour pragmatism.

But why has it come to this; And what can the citizen do?

On today’s program, two views of politics British Columbia style. Harry Rankin is no stranger to the politics of the left, and no stranger to the taciturn Premier in waiting, Gordon Campbell. Rankin rankled Vancouver Mayor, Gordon Campbell as a Vancouver City councilor throughout Mr. Campbell’s disastrous tenure as Mayor.

From 2001, legendary lefty, Harry Rankin…