Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Jennifer Tynan February 18th, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded February 18th.

BC’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy has granted permits for the Ministry of Forests to begin a Spring spraying campaign across swathes of Vancouver Island.

The plan is to use Foray 48B, (better known as Btk) in an attempt to eradicate the “Spongy Moth”; and though the ministries say Btk is “harmless”, there is contention to those claims.

Dr. Jennifer Tynan is a physician and radiology specialist. Jennifer’s also a mom whose child’s school is in one of the proposed spray zones, and serves as spokesperson for Communities United for Clean Air, a grassroots initiative to stop the spray.

Today, Jennifer Tynan, fighting to keep Vancouver Island’s air clear of Btk.

Contact: communitiesunitedforcleanair@gmail.com

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