Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Christopher Black, David Rovics, Janine Bandcroft August 13, 2020

Welcome back to Gorilla Radio’s continuing efforts, NOT broadcast live from CFUV Radio in the basement of the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria, but emanating live-to-tape via Skype from our home-based … studios on this date, August 5th, 2020.

Twenty months in to her Vancouver house arrest, Huawei CFO, (and daughter of the Chinese corporate leviathan’s founder) Meng Wanzhou entered a new court filing in B.C.’s Supreme Court. In late July Meng’s legal team charged that, among other things the proceedings against their client had quote, “been poisoned” and “can no longer be reasonably regarded as fair…”. Meng has already lost one appeal to throw out the extradition petition filed by the United States in B.C. courts, and the case has predictably proven a particularly prickly political sticking point in Canada-China relations.

Christopher Black is a Toronto-based criminal lawyer specializing in international war crimes cases. He’s also an executive member of the Canadian Peace Congress. Black’s articles on international law, politics, and World events appear at New Eastern Outlook among other places. And, his timely novel, ‘Beneath the Clouds‘ “a story of how people, acting collectively, can defeat tyranny” is newly out.

Christopher Black in the first half and the international tug-of-war testing Canada’s “Rule of Law” credentials.

And; federal troops are in Portland. Nearly two months in to daily police brutality demonstrations there, the president decided to deploy the “Minneapolis” treatment; or as Attorney General, Bill Barr calls it, the “Occupy Model”. And there are other cities slated to receive the same.

Itinerant musician and now covid-caged broadcaster, is in Portland, where his relatively mild-mannered home city has suddenly become the center of Civil War 2.020. As he can’t tour, David is doing the next best thing, raising Hell on the internet, and helping foment a Renters strike.

“Welcome back to the program, David. I think it’s three of the last four years, fire has been the big story out of Portland. We’ve had a late summer up the road here in BC, what’s your forest situation like down there?”

David Rovics and tearing down community in Portland in the second half.

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