Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dave Lindorff, Jim Kavanagh July 5, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded July 5th, 2023

Any day now could be the new “date that will live in infamy”, as ominous hints at an attack against the Russian-held nuclear plant at Zaporizhzhia are being floated in the world presses. Both the Kyiv government and its American sponsor have filtered information into the media mainstream suggesting Russia will, as it did with the Nord Stream pipelines and Kakhovka Dam, sacrifice its own infrastructure in a false flag attempt to make Ukraine look bad.

The conflict has already gone nuclear, in a sense, with both documented missile and mortar attacks against Zaporizhzhia, and the introduction of Depleted Uranium munitions. So it seems, after nearly 80 years of an uneasy atomic detente, the thing most feared by generations past has begun, if in an unexpected way.

Dave Lindorff is an American publisher, Izzy Award-winning investigative journalist, author, founder of the web news site, This Can’t Be Happening.net, and documentary producer whose now released film, ‘A Compassionate Spy‘ tells the tale of Ted Hall, wunderkind physicist and spy who may well have saved Russia and the World from nuclear conflagration.

Lindorff’s also written a companion book for the film called, ‘Spy for No Country’ due out in November.

Dave Lindorff in the first half.

And; among those that know, right now is the most dangerous moment the world has ever known. More than Ronald Reagan’s “reign of error”, where the pitch of western belligerence against the Soviet Union pinned the needle, the current slide into the big muddy of nuclear Armageddon is beginning to seem a grotesque inevitability. But, there was a precedent matching the horror of our moment. John Kennedy’s retreat from the brink during the Cuban Missile Crisis is a fragile beacon of hope for our survival, and fittingly it is being seized upon by JFK’s nephew, Robert F. Kennedy in his bid for the Democratic Party nomination for president.

Jim Kavanagh’s a former college professor, now publishing political and social analysis as The Polemicist on Substack, and making videos on the same topics at Rumble. His articles appear online at, among other places, The Greanville Post and Counterpunch.org, where his recent article, ‘RFK, Jr.’s Chances‘ appears.

Jim Kavanagh and Is Another Kennedy Enough? in the second half.

But first, Dave Lindorff and the whistleblower who saved the world – for a while.

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Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Christopher Mott, Dave Lindorff January 13, 2022

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded January 8th and 9th, 2022

Contrary to the hoary adage, what’s old in Washington these days is just old – and getting older by the day. Unlike his democratic predecessor, America’s most seasoned president is not only willing to look back at history but seems ready to repeat it: At least as far as rerunning the long discredited Responsibility to Protect doctrine. Listeners of a certain vintage may recall the principle, dreamt up long, long ago; before the places it was applied became the smoldering ruins of where countries used to stand.

Poised right now at the heart of the Biden administration – in the perfect position to release again the Hellfire of “humanitarian intervention” – is Samantha Power, paladin of the 21st century ‘Cosmopolitan Crusade’.

Dr. Chris Mott holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of St Andrews. He says his work focuses on, “… historical geopolitics, grand strategy, and the intersection of defensive realism and conceptions of sovereignty in an era of increasing multi-polarity.” His book, ‘The Formless Empire: A Short History of Diplomacy and Warfare in Central Asia’, traces the historical “…rise of indigenous forms of geopolitical strategy on the Eurasian steppe“.

Chris also has served as researcher and desk officer for the U.S. Department of State, is a current fellow at the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy, and the author of numerous peer reviewed and general audience articles on foreign policy, including the recent Covert Action Magazine piece, ‘Samantha Power and the Cosmopolitan Crusaders‘.

Chris Mott in the first half.

And; it’s a story upon whose outcome the fate of life on Earth depended. At the beginnings of the nuclear age, two brilliant brothers were seconded to top secret US military projects. Each were determined to use their prodigious intellectual talents to help avert another disastrous World War; but by working on opposite sides of the Cold War divide.

Dave Lindorff is a publisher, Izzy Award-winning investigative journalist, author, and documentary film producer whose tentatively titled feature documentary tells the tale. Dave’s film in-progress is on Ted Hall, the American wunderkind who may well have saved Russia and the World from nuclear conflagration. Dave’s also the founder of the web news site, This Can’t Be Happening.net, and contributor to The Nation magazine, where his latest piece, ‘One Brother Gave the Soviets the A-Bomb. The Other Got a Medal‘ reveals new evidence of how both brothers beat J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI at the height of America’s infamous communist witch hunt.

Dave Lindorff and the Teenager Who Saved the World in the second half.

But first, Chris Mott and the horrible second coming of humanitarian intervention.

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