Gorilla Radio with Christopher Black, J Ocean Dennie, Janine Bandcroft May 16th, 2019

It’s difficult to believe we didn’t see this coming. Everywhere Bellum Americana is in force today, the “rule of law” is no more. And, despite Trudeau’s, or Chrystia Freeland’s repeated invocations, that parrot is neither sleeping, nor getting back on its perch! It is dead: dead as the Magna Carta; dead as the Treaty of Westphalia; dead as the Nuremberg Charter. The sad truth is, we really are, finally, on our own.

Christopher Black is a Toronto-based criminal lawyer specializing in international war crimes cases, and executive member of the Canadian Peace Congress.

Black’s articles on international law, politics and World events appear at New Eastern Outlook among other places, where a perusal of his latest efforts reveals the relentless assault by the empire and its satraps against international jurisprudence and nations in all quarters of the globe.

Christopher Black in the first half.

And; what worth a tree? How much for a forest? The inexorable mastication and digestion of British Columbia ‘s forests by timber interests and their servants in various governments is an old story – in human terms.

For the last century and half, a mere fraction of the lives of the giant cedars routinely ground down for consumer products, nature has been regarded here as resource; merely an instrument to be used to secure the wealth, comfort, and ease of the settler caste. Now though, as with so many other systems, the coastal rainforest ecosystem has reached a tipping-point, one from which once crossed reclamation will never be possible.

J Ocean Dennie is with Friends of the Sooke Hills Wilderness, a grassroots group of concerned citizens advocating for the continued protection of wilderness areas threatened on southern Vancouver Island. His decolonizing advocacy work and environmental activism over the past few years includes: involvement with the Social Environmental Alliance, Indigenous Solidarity Working Group and Fish Farms Out Now!

J Ocean Dennie and stopping the road to ruin in the Sooke Hills Wilderness in the second half.

And; Victoria-based activist and long-time Gorilla Radio contributor, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour with some of the good things to be gotten up to in and around our town in the coming week. But first, Christopher Black and an international rule of law run amok.

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