Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Richard Sanders, Jeremiah Hayes February 3, 2022

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded January 29th, 2022

While the press here is doing its utmost to create panic at the prospect of a war with Russia in Ukraine, two things Canadians should know are: The war against Russia began in the West a century ago; and, it never stopped. The latest iteration of western hostility towards Russia – using Ukrainian fascists as a Cat’s-paw to occupy its vast neighbour’s attention – is an old gambit and, as the CBC might say, one “with a Canadian connection”.

Richard Sanders is a full-time, full-on antiwar activist. He is a researcher, writer, campaign organizer and founder of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade, or COAT. He’s been at it since Ronald Reagan’s Dirty Wars in Latin America in the 1980’s, and continues the fight today. COAT’s publication, Press for Conversion! has documented Canada’s role in supporting far-right East European émigré groups; the same “rooted in fascist, ethno-nationalist movements that aided and abetted Nazi Germany…”.

Richard Sanders in the first half.

And; the Victoria Film Festival is back, running from February 4th through the 13th, with a hybrid model of in-person and online screenings. One of this year’s offerings is Jeremiah Hayes’ Montreal International Documentary Festival’s People’s Choice Award-winning ‘Dear Audrey‘, an at once ethereal reflection on the enduring power of love, and unblinking revelation of life’s sometimes steel-cold realities.

Jeremiah Hayes’ Dear Audrey, “an invitation for all of us to take better care of each other” in the second half.

But first, Richard Sanders and Canada’s role revealed in the multi-generational war to divide and conquer Russia.

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