Gorilla Radio Flashbacks with Chris Cook, Julia Butterfly Hill March 1, 2002

There is within us a need for the wild, an innate recognition that the fine world we’re making, straight lined, tidy, ordered, and smooth, cannot sustain our souls; there is a knowledge that our dream of dominion over nature will ultimately destroy us and yet, we suppress ourselves, madly manicuring human nature to confirm and conform to an homogenized, sanitized, commodified vision of paradise. But, there is an awakening around the world. Millions are shedding the delusion we can successfully exist extant from nature and are working to reconnect with our only home, planet Earth.

Two years ago, Julia Butterfly Hill, came to ground after the longest tree-sit since homo erectus first ventured into the African savannah. And since returning to terra firma she’s been busy planting seeds. She founded the Circle of Life Foundation, an organization dedicated to a sustainable culture of life; published, ‘The Legacy of Luna’ a book chronicling her fight to save California’s disappearing redwoods; and has traveled around the world meeting and speaking with thousands about her experiences. In the first half of the program, featured speaker at UVic’s upcoming, ‘Women and Wildness’ forum, Julia Butterfly Hill…

[Music by Madagascar’s Tarika]