Gorilla Radio Special: Andre Vltchek PRESENTE! October 10, 2020

On today’s program a remembrance of a long-time guest of Gorilla Radio, and even longer champion of all this program professes and much more too.

Itinerant, globe-trotting journalist, Andre Vltchek died in September, on the first day of Autumn, fittingly while still in motion, careening through an exotic city on the far side of the World.

But then for Andre the World had no sides, he lived on the whole of it. It’s difficult to imagine another like him in this time or any other. He lived and worked among the most wretched, ever faithful to the interests of those oppressed by state and corporate power.

And he did this constantly, it seemed. One could never be sure where he’d be at a given moment, but what was certain, he wouldn’t be there long.

Today, clips from some of the many interviews with Andre conducted over the last 12 years.