Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Terry Wolfwood, John Helmer July 28th, 2022

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Nearly seventy-seven years following the atomic annihilation of two cities, politicians in America and its NATO vassal states today are debating the strategic merits of a nuclear war with Russia, (and presumable China to follow). Absent the debate, naturally, is the moral question of both war and its necessary means. August 6th marks the grim anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima by America – Nagasaki being unnecessarily destroyed three days later. In the years since, historians have proven neither attack was needed to bring Japan to the negotiating table; they had been attempting surrender for months before the bombs dropped. But as we learn, each time anew it seems, truth has little purchase for the warmongers.

The tragic and senseless destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will again be commemorated by the Victoria chapter of the Women in Black, who will stand silent vigil August 6th at the inner harbour. All are welcome to attend.

Terry Wolfwood is Director and co-founder of the Barnard-Boecker Centre Foundation, at BBCF.ca. She’s a writer, poet, photographer, and long-time activist in pursuit of peace, social justice, and women’s rights. Her articles have appeared at Briarpatch, Peace News, and Third World Resurgence among other places. In conjunction with her many activities in support of justice and peace, Terry has served too as local coordinator for the Women in Black for many years.

Terry Wolfwood in the first half.

And; mere hours after signing an agreement allowing the safe passage of goods from Ukraine, an acknowledged Russian missile attack against the port of Odessa threatens to scotch the deal. Russia denies allegations made by Ukraine and western media it targeted grain silos in the port, instead saying a dry dock, warship under repair, and warehouse of American munitions were struck and destroyed. Meanwhile, Kiev’s president Zelenskyy spent part of his day today playing host to US congressional reps, eager to pad their war-making resumes in anticipation of the Fall election.

John Helmer is a journalist, author, and principle behind the web news site, Dances with Bears. He’s a past scholar, and advisor to government at the highest level, and spent decades living in and reporting from Russia. His many book titles include: ‘The Lie That Shot Down MH-17, ‘Skripal in Prison,’ ‘The Man Who Knows Too Much About Russia,’ and his latest, ‘The Jackals’ Wedding: American Power, Arab Revolt‘ is newly out.

John Helmer and Ukraine’s thickening fog in the second half.

But first, Terry Wolfwood and remembering still Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

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