Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Jillian Maguire, Paul Watson March 22, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded March 22, 2023

This weekend past, the British Columbia Federation of Teachers held its Annual General Meeting. On the agenda: the election of a new president, and an opportunity the BCTF Divest Now campaign to platform its efforts to pursue a practical pathway to cease their pension plan’s investments in “fossil fuels, and other life-killing industries.”

Jillian Maguire was a presidential candidate in the poll, held March 21st. Maguire’s a longtime teacher who over a 27+ year career estimates she’s launched more than 5,000 students into the World. She says she was shocked to discover the teachers’ pension plan was heavily invested in some of the most ecologically destructive businesses, and so co-founded BCTF Divest Now.

Jillian Maguire in the first half.

And; we often forget, everything beginning on the land ends in the sea. As desperate the situation of terrestrial pollution is, in the ocean the effects are amplified, concentrated, and brought back to us as inevitably as the tides.

Paul Watson has spent a lifetime on and in the service of the ocean. A founding member of Greenpeace, he left that iconic organization at the height of its effectiveness to found the Sea Shepherd Society. Renowned for its direct action against whaling, most spectacularly intercepting the massive factory fleets of Japan, Norway, and Russia, Sea Shepherd has also exposed and shut down hundreds of other ecologically destructive commercial ventures and activities.

Now Watson is helming another venture, the Captain Paul Watson Foundation, whose mission to save life in the sea is simply stated: “If the Ocean Dies, We Die!

Paul Watson and finding a way to protect and defend life in the sea in the second half.

But first, Jillian Maguire and British Columbia’s teachers instructing their union to listen and learn to divest.

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