Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Peter Ewart, March Against Monsanto ’13 August 12, 2021

Welcome back to Gorilla Radio’s Home Edition, recorded August 7, 2021

How much poison is not too much poison to put on your dinner plate?

While you’re thinking about that, the government of Canada’s “health” agency has decided more will do for you. Health Canada says it would increase the allowable residue limit of the industrially applied weed killer glyphosate found in staple foods. This despite the fact glyphosate has been listed as a “probable carcinogen” – that means it probably causes cancer.

It’s also probable children, who consume more cereals than adults, and “everyone who gains protein from ‘conventionally’ grown legumes and nuts” especially like vegetarians and vegans, will be tomorrow’s cancer patients because of what Health Canada is proposing today. And, then there’s the environmental impact of the probable acceleration of glyphosate application in a more glyphosate-friendly Canada.

Peter Ewart is a Prince George, B.C.-based writer whose articles feature online and at the PG Daily News in Prince George. In his latest, ‘Health Canada to allow even more glyphosate in our food?‘ he asks, whether Canadians will step in to protect their health from Health Canada?

Peter Ewart in the first half.

And; the fight against Monsanto and its omnicidal glyphosate in not new in Canada. Way back in 2013, global campaigns against the “acceptable” carcinogen and the company producing were held across the World. Hundreds of thousands came out into the streets, demanding their respective governments demand of Monsanto labeling for its Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s applied to food crops, and put an end at last to Round-Up Ready, the glyphosate poison implicated in undoing the web of life itself.

But here we are, almost a decade later, in the midst of a global health emergency and the government that says it cares most about protecting Canadians is pushing to poison them. I joined the demonstration back then.

Taking a trip back to our poisoned future and Marching Against Monsanto for the second time in the second half.

But first, Peter Ewart on Bayer-Monsanto, glyphosate and the rats in Canada’s regulatory kitchen.

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