Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, John Stauber, John Helmer June 28, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded June 28th, 2023

Does the news of the day seem more to you like a Hollywood movie than a real picture of the state of the World? Could Bondian billionaire villains, really be vying for not only control of the planet’s governments and resources, but also for the very hearts, minds, and souls of We the People? And how could this all be happening before our eyes while the majority of us are unaware that everything we’ve known is slipping away?

John Stauber is an independent writer, activist and author. His books include: ‘Toxic Sludge Is Good for You’, ‘Trust Us, We’re Experts’, and ‘Weapons of Mass Deception’. He’s also been a long-time political and media activist who spent a career exposing corporate, political, and media propaganda campaigns.

John Stauber in the first half.

And; last week witnessed a media circus hardly equaled in this century. It’s all surrounding the march on Moscow of the contract mercenary Wagner Group, and even now pundits and Russia experts are struggling to make sense of what – were he running a midway food truck today – Churchill might describe as a riddle-wrapped mystery meat sandwich, served up in a hot enigma sauce.

John Helmer is a journalist and author who’s spent decades living in and reporting from Russia. Principle behind the web news site, Dances with Bears, Helmer has too been a professor of political science, sociology, and journalism, and served as advisor to governments at the highest levels. Among his many book titles are: ‘Skripal in Prison,’ ‘The Man Who Knows Too Much About Russia,’ ‘The Jackals’ Wedding: American Power, Arab Revolt’, ‘The Lie That Shot Down MH-17’ and his latest, ‘Australian Fascism: How It Destroyed the Courts’.

John’s been following the astonishing events within Russia over the last week, and provides some context in the second half.

But first, John Stauber and revealing America’s hardly visible oligarchy.

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