Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Ramzy Baroud, Paul D. Thacker October 7th, 2021

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Last week the last of six escapees from Israel’s notorious Gilboa prison was recaptured in the West Bank, but despite triumphal reports from Israeli media, the daring tunnel escape has inspired all Palestinians, and galvanized anti-prison activists across the Occupied Territories and Gaza.
Zakaria Zubeidi is one of those six prisoners whose brief taste of freedom ended too quickly. More than merely another of the thousands of Palestinians held and cycled through Israel’s prisons Zakaria is, my first guest explains, also emblematic of a whole generation that has known nothing but oppression and dispossession.

Dr. Ramzy Baroud is a journalist, author, and editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He’s also a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs and at the Afro-Middle East Center. His book titles include, ‘My Father Was a Freedom Fighter’, ‘The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story’, and his latest, ‘These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons‘. Ramzy’s articles appear across the internet and at his website, RamzyBaroud.net, where I found his recent piece, ‘One Man As a Whole Generation: The Unfinished War of Zakaria Zubeidi’.

Ramzy Baroud in the first half.

And; last week, Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs reported he’d closed the task force he chaired, tasked with discovering the source of the virus. More than a year after the Lancet Covid-19 Commission’s initiation, Sachs said, “I just didn’t want a task force that was so clearly involved with one of the main issues of this whole search for the origins, which was EcoHealth Alliance.”

The real story of how Daszak and EcoHealth managed to stay at the heart of the investigation this long can’t be told, according to my second guest, without, “pointing out how science writers at multiple outlets–New York Times, Nature, Science, National Geographic, etc…–willfully ignored the financial links between Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology“.

Paul D. Thacker is an investigative journalist who has reported on scientific ethics and campaigns to distort science for the New York Times, the Journal of the American Medical Association, Washington Post and others. He’s also the lead investigator and founder of the web news site, The DisInfomation Chronicle where I found his recent article, ‘Leaked Department of Defense Documents Show Anthony Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance’s Peter Daszak Cannot Be Trusted on Dangerous Virus Research‘.

Paul D. Thacker and the battle for truth in science in the second half.

But first, Ramzy Baroud and Zakaria Zubeidi, prisoner again of an unfinished war.

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Ape Goes to Ramzy Baroud’s ‘The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story’ March 1, 2018

Went down to see Ramzy Baroud speak on his new book, ‘The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story’. Here’s the blurb for the book…

Spanning decades and encompassing war, mass exodus, epic migrations and the search for individual and collective identity, The Last Earth tells the story of modern Palestine through the memories of those who have lived it.

Ordinary Palestinians have rarely narrated their own history. In this groundbreaking book, acclaimed author Ramzy Baroud draws on dozens of interviews to produce vivid, intimate and beautifully written accounts of Palestinian lives – in villages, refugee camps, prisons and cities, in the lands of their ancestors and in exile.

Baroud’s empathetic and lyrical approach reveals new human dimensions of the Palestinian saga, telling it as it has never before been told. Against dominant narratives, the last earth reclaims Palestine’s past – and present – for all its people.

Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Jesse Freeston, Ramzy Baroud, Janine Bandcroft Feb. 22nd., 2018

Foreign meddling in electoral politics can legitimately be compared to an act of war. Just ask the voters of Honduras whose popular president was forced out of office at gunpoint by agents working for the interests of offshore corporations.

Since the replacement of Mel Zelaya in 2009 the coupsters, anointed by the good offices of El Norte, have run roughshod over the rights and dignity of the people, putting in place by hook, crook, bullets and batons an old-fashioned fascist regime; a banana republic the likes of which has not been seen since the last time Uncle Sam ran the show.

Jesse Freeston is a Canadian documentary filmmaker and video journalist. A seminal member of The Real News Network, he’s also produced documentaries for teleSUR, the world’s largest Spanish-language public broadcaster, and his latest film, Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley documents an agrarian take-over of palm oil plantations by share-cropping farmers. He’s currently working on his next independent film, Human Park.

Jesse is back in Honduras and a few weeks ago released the two-part report, ‘Honduras: The Never-Ending Coup‘ on TRNN.

Jesse Freeston in the first half.

And; media-shaded the last few years by neigbouring regional conflicts, and more recently by the Olympics and spotlight hogging Trump political circus, Gaza, and Palestine generally, has garnered scant coverage in North America’s press. That changed a little with Israel’s aerial and tank bombardment of the embattled enclave last week; but that the attention would hover a little longer there to reveal the desperate, ongoing plight of the World’s largest and longest refugee crisis.

Dr. Ramzy Baroud is an American-Arab journalist, media consultant, syndicated columnist, educator, founder and editor of the Palestine Chronicle, past editor of numerous online and print news organizations, and author. He’s currently embarking on a World-tour to promote his latest book, ‘The Last Earth: A Palestinian Story‘ to provide, he says, “a new take on the history of the Palestinian people, one in which the refugees are the core theme”.

That tour will bring Ramzy to our town next week, 7pm Friday March 2nd, right here at UVic’s David Strong building.

Ramzy Baroud and bringing the voice to Palestine’s refugees in the second half.

And; Victoria-based activist and CFUV broadcaster at-large, Janine Bandcroft will be here with the Left Coast Events bulletin to bring us up to speed with some of what’s good going on in and around Victoria in the coming week.

But first, Jesse Freeston and the story of Honduras’ never-ending coup.

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