Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, John Helmer December 7, 2021

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded December 7th, 2021.

80 years to the day from FDR’s famous “day that will live in infamy“, marking America’s entry into World War II the current U.S. president had a virtual sit-down summit with former ally Russia, ostensibly to discuss way of avoiding another war. The fire this time is Ukraine, and whether Russia, as the western press charges, is readying an invasion. For its part, Russia says its concern is with NATO expansion and the emplacement of offensive weapons by the alliance in bordering countries. Meanwhile, behind the media static is Nord Stream 2, the massive gas pipeline project from Russia that though completed is yet to transport a puff of power to energy hungry Europe.

John Helmer is a journalist, author, broadcaster, former political advisor to government, and principal behind the news website, Dances with Bears. Among Helmer’s many books titles are, ‘The Lie That Shot Down MH-17’ ‘Skripal in Prison’, ‘The Man Who Knows Too Much About Russia’, ‘Hitler Didn’t Die in Berlin – He Moved to Melbourne Where He Runs the State Government of Victoria: A True Covid-19 Thrill

er’, and the just hot of the presses, ‘Complete Dances with Bears Comic Book’. His recent article ‘A NEW RUSSIAGATE COMPENDIUM TURNS OUT TO BE A CAT IN A SAKWA’ outs the western media layering of attacks designed to keep Russia on a permanent back-foot.

Today, John Helmer and of summits and the journalistic nadir in Russia reportage.

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