Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Phil Little, Richard Sanders, Janine Bandcroft April 26th, 2018

Though seldom spoken now, those past a certain age will remember the Dirty Wars waged in South America in the last half of the last century. Perhaps the worst of it was when The Dirty Wars soiled Central America: El Salvador, Nicarauga, Guatemala, and of course Honduras from where Gringo mastermind, John Negroponte coordinated Central America’s share of the infamous Operation Condor.

The rise of leftist governments in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Sandinista reemergence in Nicaragua in the early years of this century was hopeful. Even in Guatemala truth and reconciliation commissions were established to acknowledge, if not punish, the genocidal horror visited upon the Mayan majority.

But that short-lived hope is ending. The fascists are risen again in Latin America, and Honduras is again in the middle of the nightmare.

Phil Little is a former Catholic missionary, retired teacher, and for the last five years has acted as “accompaniment” for social and human rights activists in Honduras at risk because, as he says, “the theory [is] that a person is less likely to be killed if accompanied by a foreigner, preferably a gringo.” That belief proved tragically over-optimistic in the case of murdered Honduran activist, Berta Cáceres in 2016. Phil will be at Cafe Simpatico tomorrow night, 1923 Fernwood Road, in the heart of Fernwood, with Kay Gimbel of CASC and MJAC, and micro-economist, Bill Feyrer presenting ‘Honduras Today’.

Phil Little in the first half.

And; as Stephen Harper’s Canada was first among nations to recognize and sign trade deals with the coup government of Honduras, so too has his successor been quick to adopt militarism, leaping in support of the recent bombing of Syria before it happened. But then, Justin Trudeau was only acting in accordance with the new understanding of Canadian values, as expressed by the Canadian Pension Plan. Your CPP long ago decided to adopt the ruthless morays of corporate war profiteers; and, you may be happy to know, the killing business has never been better.

Richard Sanders is founder and coordinator of Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and serves as editor to COAT’s publication, Press for Conversion. COAT cleaves to the quaint old notion war should not be regarded as a profit-driver by government, or used as an investment vehicle for its citizen’s retirement fund.

Richard Sanders and how the CPP helped Canadians profit from the US/UK/France Air Strikes Against Syria, and will profit again the fires next time in the second half.

And; Victoria-based activist and CFUV Radio broadcaster at-large, Janine Bandcroft will be here at the bottom of the hour with the Left Coast Events Bulletin and some of the good things to get up to around here for the coming week. But first, Phil Little and matters of life and death in Honduras, where corruption IS the operating system.

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