Gorilla Radio Flashbacks with Chris Cook, Silver Donald Cameron PRESENTE! Jan. 23, 2012

Silver Donald Cameron is a Canadian educator, activist, playwright, journalist, long-time columnist for the Halifax Sunday Herald, and the author of scores of radio and television scripts. Among his 17 book titles are: ‘A Million Futures,’ ‘Sailing Away from Winter,’ ‘Sniffing the Coast,’ as well as ‘The Living Beach,’ and ‘The Education of Everett Richardson,’ both recognized as being among Atlantic Canada’s 100 Greatest Books.

Silver Donald Cameron’s latest venture is The Green Interview, an innovative web journalism site focusing on the environment, and he’s currently on a Nova Scotia-wide lecture tour promoting energy efficiency and consumer best practices.

Blood in the Water

Silver Donald Cameron and the Green Interview; conversations with people, and encounters with ideas that are re-inventing the World.


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