Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Dave Lindorff August 2nd, 2021

Welcome back to Gorilla Radio’s Home Edition, recorded August 2nd, 2021

And welcome too to the dog days of planet Earth. As the northern hemisphere swelters in record-setting fashion, perhaps its time we talked again about Global Warming and its inevitable consequences?

Or we can turn to a quick Olympics update of the latest in the Simone Biles saga… She whaaat!!! …And now, what were we talking about again?

Fact is, sea levels will rise as the last of the World’s ice melts. What that means for humanity is too terrible to contemplate, so most of us just don’t do it. But, one of the impending calamities missed even by those who plan for the coming crises is, what happens to our massive and still growing, mostly toxic waste dumps located at near sea-level?

Dave Lindorff is a longtime, Izzy Award-winning journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker. He’s also founder of the web news site, This Can’t Be Happening.net, where his latest piece, “Coastal Landfills Are No Match for Rising Seas” appears.

Today for the whole hour, Dave Lindorff and America not wavering but sinking…

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