Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Saul Arbess, Ken Stone January 28th, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded January 22 & 28th, 2023.

More than two years after BC’s former premier, John Horgan’s re-election promise to implement the recommendations of his own government’s Old Growth Strategy Review panel it’s business as usual in the woods. While some of the OGSR’s 14 point plan was implemented, big trees are still falling and the forests are in peril. The NDP also, after Horgan’s snap election win, ceded policing authority to deal with old growth forest defenders near the capital to the federal RCMP, whose paramilitary tactics and brutality at the Fairy Creek encampments elicited international expressions of disgust and condemnation.

Now, a grand manifestation of First Nations, conservation organizations, ecological agencies, and citizens concerned about the loss of an irreplaceable biological legacy is planned to surround the seat of government to state demands for policy change in more fervent language.

Saul Arbess is a long-time peace, justice, and environmental champion. He describes himself as a cultural anthropologist and futurist, dedicated to “creating a new architecture of peace in the world“. Saul served as National Co-chair of the Canadian Department of Peace Initiative, was co-founder and chair of the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace, and currently works for peace, non-violence, and protecting the wildlands around his home city of Victoria.

Photo: Bill Johnston

Saul Arbess in the first half.

And, January on Canada’s west coast means Season’s change is soon; but even as we ready for Spring, east of here the cruelest months of Winter still lay ahead. That cold reality isn’t however deterring citizen demonstration of dissatisfaction with the ongoing NATO wars and occupations.

Monday, January 23, as part of the week-long protests around North America, Hamiltonians picketed the prime minister’s cabinet meeting taking place in the Hamilton Convention Centre. One focus of their vigil being the “purchase of the obscenely-expensive F-35 fighter jets”.
Ken Stone is an executive member of both the Syria Support Movement and Hamilton Coalition to Stop the Wars.

Ken Stone and Canada’s Winter war resisters in the second half.

But first, Saul Arbess and Uniting for Old Growth in British Columbia.

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