Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Andy Worthington, Yipeng Ge March 6, 2024

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Last month, Julian Assange’s final appeal to avert extradition to the United States was heard over two days in a British court. Now Assange and the millions of his supporters around the globe wait for that court’s decision. To call his detention, approaching five years in maximum security under the harshest conditions allowed by English law, a miscarriage of justice hardly addresses the produndity of the perversion of the principles of Magna Carta, that foundational precept of Western jurisprudence.

Andy Worthington is an English journalist, activist, author, photo-historian, filmmaker, musician, song-writer and principle of The Four Fathers band. He and the Fathers have released a new tribute song to the Belmarsh Prison’s most famous inmate, ‘Warriors’. Andy’s is too co-founder of the Close Guantánamo campaign, still trying to get released men captives of George W. Bush’s “generational war”.

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His book titles include: ‘The Guantánamo Files: The Stories of the 774 Detainees in America’s Illegal Prison’, ‘Stonehenge: Celebration and Subversion’, and ‘The Battle of the Beanfield’. Andy’s articles appear at his website, AndyWorthington.co.uk, where he invites participants to enjoin Close Guantanamo’s efforts.

Andy Worthington in the first half.

And; the horrors in Gaza intensify by the moment. This past week, the World witnessed the infamous targeting of starving civilians gathered by some of the few aid trucks allowed in by Israel southwest of Gaza City. The Flour Massacre, as this infamy is now being called, claimed at least 112 lives outright, with more than 750 people wounded to varying degrees. Small beer when counted against the tens of thousands killed in Palestine, hundreds of thousands injured, and more than a million and a half people rendered homeless in this purposefully made humanitarian catastrophe, and undeniable genocide. And yet, those in Canada calling for an end to the killing are being assailed by the government, attacked in the media, and in true McCarthyite fashion, blackballed from their professions.

Dr. Yipeng Ge is one of these. A family practice doctor and resident physician in Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Ottawa’s faculty of medicine, Ge was suspended in November for social media posts criticizing Israel and calling for a ceasefire.

The University subsequently backed down, giving indications of rescinding that suspension, but Ge refused to return saying, “I feel incredibly harmed by this process, and I don’t know how to continue within this institution because of what’s happened.” Ge too resigned his membership on the Canadian Medical Association board in protest of that institution’s silence on the targeting of hospitals, doctors, and the entire medical system there.

Since, Dr. Ge traveled to Gaza to see for himself and ostensibly work at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, but was unable to do so due to “targeted attacks on healthcare workers” in that place.

Yipeng Ge and bearing witness in Gaza in the second half.

But first, Andy Worthington and fighting for justice for truth warrior, Julian Assange.

Song: Warriors

Artist: The Four Fathers

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