Gorilla Radio with Chris Cook, Glenn Michalchuk, Jeremy Kuzmarov July 19, 2023

Welcome to Gorilla Radio, recorded July 19th, 2023.

In the early hours Monday local time, the bridge connecting the Crimean peninsula to Russia was targeted for a second time – again killing civilians, and forcing traffic closures. The first attack was done via suicide bomber in a large truck. This latest assault is more sophisticated, naval drones reportedly being used. Kyiv security sources have claimed responsibility for the attack, which comes as Russia’s Black Sea Grain Initiative agreement with Ukraine expires; guaranteeing – if Russia had a mind to – renewal will not happen.

Predictably, the European Union, United Nations, and the NATO countries all rolled out media releases condemning Russia, blaming it for “using food as a weapon” and threatening “emerging nations'” food security.
Glenn Michalchuk is President of both Peace Alliance Winnipeg, and the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, or AUUC. He’s been active in the peace movement for forty years, going back to Ronald Reagan’s Dirty Wars in Latin America of the 1980’s.

Glenn Michalchuk in the first half.

And; Daniel Ellsberg, the man Richard Nixon once declared the “most dangerous” in America, died last month. Ellsberg famously leaked the so-called Pentagon Papers, revealing to the World the true face of America’s war against Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. This month, a special Whistleblowers Summit & Film Festival and Legacy Tribute to Dan Ellsberg is slated for Washington, D.C. CovertAction Magazine, founded by the almost equally famous agent of revelation, Philip Agee, will be taking part, hosting the festival’s final day event, ‘Blowing the Whistle on Covert Warfare & Coercive Economic Sanctions Bonus Day’.

Jeremy Kuzmarov is a journalist and author who also serves as Managing Editor at CAM. Jeremy’s book titles include, ‘Obama’s Unending Wars’, and ‘The Russians Are Coming, Again’, written with John Marciano. He’s also one of the star-studded Blowing the Whistle panel honouring “Daniel Ellsberg’s commitment to uncovering U.S. crimes against humanity“. His latest article at CAM, ‘House Foreign Affairs Committee Marks Anniversary of Cuba’s July 2021 Uprising With Renewed Calls For Regime Change‘ examines America’s ongoing war against the country that sheltered the magazine’s founder.

Jeremy Kuzmarov and blowing a horn for the whistleblowers in the second half.

But first, Glenn Michalchuk and NATO’s determination to stop peace breaking out anywhere at all costs.

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